solutions for intermediaries

agency players monitoring

  • Monitor performance of your players (csv/xlsx/pdf)

Monitor and analyze performance of players represented by your agency at a glance!

  • Player performance profile (pdf)

Every report is accompanied by a detailed performance profile of each player of your agency.


monitoring agency players
40 per month
  • up to 10 players


monitoring agency players
80 per month
  • up to 20 players


monitoring agency players
120 per package
  • up to 30 players


monitoring agency players
160 per month
  • up to 50 players


  • Discovery (csv/xlsx/pdf)

Spotting the right player profiles takes time & consumes resources. We assist you discover the most suitable players based on your criteria, by defining the player profile parameters you are looking for and letting our algorithm do its part!

Define your desired criteria

Select from 120+ basic & performance driven parameters and prioritize the player qualities you are seeking based on requests.

  • Basic
  • Age
  • Position
  • Height
  • EU/Non-EU
  • Market Value
  • Performance-driven
  • Attacking
  • Passing
  • Defending
  • Set-Pieces
  • Goalkeeping

Receive the most suitable player profiles

Detailed list of players matching the profile you are looking for, along with detailed performance profile for each player.

  • Evaluations (csv/xlsx/pdf)

Agents receive numerous emails with player recommendations on a daily-basis, especially when transfer windows are approaching. We alleviate the burden of incoming traffic, ensuring must-watch profiles are not lost under the pile.

Forward players recommended to you by third parties (scouts/intermediaries etc) and receive detailed performance reports based on Football IQ Performance Index. Let the data speak for themselves, in an objective and contextualized manner.

  • Player Performance History (pdf)

All evaluations are accompanied by detailed player performance profiles from the current as well as previous seasons.

  • Scan competitions (csv/xlsx/pdf)

Looking to know first-hand who are the top-performers in competitions of interest? Receive a "screenshot-report" at timing of your choice,  containing performance data of all the players participating in specific competitions.

  • Scan entire countries (csv/xlsx/pdf)

One competition is not enough? We got you covered! Scan all competitions of an entire country and gain insights about all levels of professional football in countries of interest.

  • Scan regions (csv/xlsx/pdf)

Are you focusing on competitions from a specific region (eg Scandinavia/Eastern Europe)? Find out what's happening in regions of interest at any level!

Discover the most suitable players

Focus on quality

Increase scouting range

Evaluate objectively

Excel in markets of interest

Implement a proactive strategy


scouting for intermediaries
300 per package
  • 1 discovery
  • 30 evaluations


scouting for intermediaries
600 per package
  • 3 discoveries
  • 60 evaluations
  • 1 competition scan


scouting for intermediaries
900 per package
  • 5 discoveries
  • 90 evaluations
  • 2 competition scans
  • 1 country scan


scouting for intermediaries
1200 per package
  • 7 discoveries
  • 120 evaluations
  • 3 competition scans
  • 3 country scans

Frequently asked questions


The total number of players included in a discovery report is up to you to decide and largely depends on your scouting department capabilities. We can include the top 10, 20, 50 or even  100 profiles matching your criteria. From our experience, the more scouts you can assign, the higher the number of players that can be processed and vice-versa.

We are covering 120+ competitions. Find a detailed list of competitions we are covering by clicking on the button below. 


Number of evaluations processed on a daily-basis depends on the selected package.

Basic -> 5,

Standard -> 10,

Advanced -> 15,

Full -> 20

However, if your work-load is heavier, feel free to let us know! We are flexible and always up for creating tailor-made solutions based on your needs, allowing you to move faster.

We can only provide information about players in our data-base. Obviously, if a player is not included in our data-base, he will not be considered a completed evaluation, thus he will not be deducted from the total number of remaining evaluations.

That depends on your work-flow setup. What’s worked so far with most of our clients is letting all collaborating third-parties know that all recommendations should be sent on a unique email account and -if possible- in a specific format. With a simple automated email forwarding, all recommendations can be automatically imported in our system, saving time and resources.  However, as sending out player recommendations via IM services such as WhatsApp has become a norm, we have modified our resources to integrate from IM as well!

scouting packages

Scouting packages can be seen as scouting “credits”, which you can use whenever you need them, until the number of evaluations and discoveries included is reached. A package is valid for one year (12 months) from the date is was originally purchased.

We respect your privacy, operating with all necessary due-diligence. With confidentiality agreements in place and all digital security measures taken into consideration, we allow you to operate transparently while seamlessly enjoying our services.

identify team needs

  • Squad analysis (csv/xlsx/pdf)

Identify best and worst performing members of selected teams across several metrics and KPIs at a glance!


Squad analysis
45 per package
  • 5 teams


Squad analysis
90 per package
  • 10 teams


Squad analysis
135 per package
  • 15 teams


Squad analysis
175 per package
  • 20 teams
  • Competition player performance rankings (csv/xlsx/pdf)

Identify selected competitions' top performers across a series of metrics & KPIs, at a glance!

  • Competition teams performance rankings (csv/xlsx/pdf)

Benchmark selected competitions' teams performance across a series of metrics & KPIs, at a glance!

Identify squads' strengths & weaknesses

Identify domestic top performers

Decode team needs

Competition Rankings

75 per competition
  • Player rankings
  • Team rankings