Everyone involved in recruitment receives numerous player profiles on a daily-basis, especially when transfer windows are approaching.

We alleviate the burden of incoming traffic, ensuring must-watch profiles are not lost under the pile.

focus on the best candidates

avoid flops

move fast

keep things organized

ideal for

Forward players recommended to you by third parties and receive detailed performance reports based on Football IQ Performance Index.

Let the data speak for themselves, in an objective and contextualized manner.

What if a player is not included in your data-base?

We can only provide information about players in our data-base. Obviously, if a player is not included in our data-base, he will not be considered a completed evaluation, thus he will not be deducted from the total number of remaining evaluations.

How do I "forward players recommended by third parties"?

All player evaluation requests are created using Sonar.  However, as sharing player profiles via IM services such as WhatsApp has become a norm, we have modified our resources to integrate from IM and other sources as well.

What is the duration of an evaluation subscription?

Scouting packages can be seen as scouting "credits", which you can use whenever you need them, until the number of evaluations purchased has been reached. A package is valid for one year (12 months) from the date it was originally purchased.

Detailed bench-marking

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Current season performance profile

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Previous season performance profile

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Latest seasons comparison

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