Identification of the right player profiles takes time & consumes resources. We assist you discover the most suitable players based on your criteria, by defining the player profile parameters you are looking for and letting our algorithm do its part!

maximized suitability

risk minimization

scouting range expansion

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Select basic & performance driven parameters and prioritize the player qualities you are seeking based on your needs.

Detailed list of players matching the profile you are looking for, along with detailed performance profile for each player.

How many players are included in a discovery report?

Discovery deliverables include detailed performance profiles for the top-10 profiles matching your criteria, along with a list of the remaining top-25.

Which competitions are you covering?

Find a detailed list of competitions covered by clicking on the button below.

What is the duration of a discovery?

Scouting packages can be seen as scouting "credits", which you can use whenever you need them, until the number of discoveries purchased has been reached. A package is valid for one year (12 months) from the date is was originally purchased.

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Current season performance profile

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Previous season performance profile

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Latest seasons comparison

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