Football IQ emerged as a side-project back in 2016, in an effort to address scouting pain-points. 

How could a single person monitor 5000+ shortlisted players without the ability to observe everyone on video?

 A unified framework benchmarking performance objectively & dynamically had to be established. 

It was soon realized that, such a framework would not only enable monitoring but also -and equally important- actively searching for players matching different criteria, much like playing a football manager game.

We've come a long way since producing our first data-sets back in October 2017. 

Proudly trusted by football clubs & professionals as their multifaceted recruitment operations extension, we're making a difference, enabling our clients write their own unique success stories.

real solutions

Taking into consideration constructive industry feedback and actual use-cases we've been asked to assist with, we are providing a tool-kit of concrete solutions for solving real problems. In the times of covid19 nobody can keep hiding behind stereotype cliche's. It's not about the amount of one's budget. It's about making the most of what you can afford.

equal opportunities

We believe in every organization's/professional's fair chance to distinguish and make a difference. With that in mind, our packages have been designed primarily for those on a tight budget. What you reap is what you sow. From our experience, organizations with proper processes in place based on long-term strategic planning, are rewarded sooner than later.

To think bigger, push further, and ask the questions others don't