more with less

an integrated approach

Football IQ emerged as a side-project back in 2016, in an effort to address scouting pain-points. 

How could a single person monitor 5000+ shortlisted players without the ability to observe everyone on video? A unified framework to benchmark performance objectively & dynamically had to be established. 

It was soon realized that, such a framework would not only enable monitoring but also -and most importantly- actively searching for players matching different criteria, much like playing a football manager game.

We've come a long way since producing our first data-sets back in October 2017. 

Proudly trusted by football clubs & professionals as their multifaceted recruitment operations extension, we're making a difference, enabling our clients build their own unique success stories.


So many parameters included, recruitment is indeed a dynamic system of obvious and -not so- obvious variables. Even for clubs with a fully-staffed scouting department backed by a team of analysts, successful recruitment is not a given. 


For most clubs around the world, maintaining an effective scouting department is an understandably costly affair, leaving them without the proper means to expand their pool or increase the level of insight.

strategic planning

Experience proves there is no single recipe for success. Each project is unique, with different variables to be taken into consideration.

Our tool-kit includes a wide variety of key features & capabilities, necessary for building a consistent & effective production flow, yielding measurable results. 

meaningful insights

Football IQ Index provides a reliable and objective point of reference, revolutionizing data-analytics interpretation and application in everyday operations. However, it is not our intention to drown our clients in oceans of data.


Paying attention to technical directors, scouts and analysts' feedback, we realized that despite the plethora of data-providers out there, the need for meaningful insights and, more importantly, for a personalized approach was evident.

a powerful extension

A specialized team of professionals utilizing an advanced data-analytics framework, delivering objective and measurable intelligence. All bases covered, we see ourselves as an active & powerful extension of your recruitment operations.

Understanding what our clients want to accomplish is of major significance, adjusting our approach to deliver a 100% personalized experience, actively contributing to their production-chain.

generating value

Sporting excellence - a major driver of which, is the quality of one's recruitment- is a necessary prerequisite for long-term sustainability. We make sure that our clients strategically build & sustain a consistent financial profitability model. 

To think bigger, push further, and ask the questions others don't


Dimitris Panopoulos

Founder - chief executive officer

Kushal Biswas

founding partner - product developer